{{{ESPN Live}}}@#$$Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Chargers Live Stream NFL

Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Chargers Live Stream


  • When: Saturday at 8:20 PM ET
  • Where: StubHub Center, California
  • On Saturday Baltimore will take on the Chargers at 8:20 p.m. ET.  Scoring has dipped the last three games for Baltimore, a trend the Chargers would like to contribute towards.Baltimore stumbled on the road two weeks ago against Kansas City, but they seem to have regained their footing back home. Baltimore were able to grind out a solid win over Tampa Bay last week, winning 20-12. Gus Edwards was the offensive standout of the match for Baltimore, as he rushed for 104 yards and 1 touchdown on 19 carries.Meanwhile, after losing to Kansas City the last time they met, the Chargers decided to demonstrate that turnabout is fair play. The Chargers dodged a bullet, finishing off Kansas City 29-28. Winning may never get old, but the Chargers sure are getting used to it with four in a row now.

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